Frequently Asked Questions

What you can reserve, how to pay, restrictions... All explained here

Reservation Questions

  • No, our Shopping Services team are able to reserve products from most brands available to buy at Heathrow. If you can not see what you are looking for, please contact us with your enquiry.

  • Reserved items should be collected from the shop where the product is available at Heathrow. Your confirmation email will contain details of collection point.

  • Most retailers can confirm your reservation request 72 hours before you travel. Some stores can only accept reservations 24 hours before the time of travel, but our Shopping Service team will confirm that with you when you make your enquiry.

  • You can browse products without your flight details however, you will need to provide flight details to make a reservation. 

    We can respond to product stock or price enquiries without your flight details, but we will need to know which terminal your are intending to travel from. We do need your confirmed flight details to make a reservation.

  • You may want to have your email at hand however it is not necessary as the store will have your details.

  • Heathrow does not accept payment for reserved items, you will pay when you collect your product(s) in store. For high value items, you may be required to pay a deposit to secure your reservation. Our Shopping Services team will put you in touch with the store in order to take payment directly.

Product Transfer Questions

  • If a product you would like to purchase is available at any terminal in Heathrow, on occasion we can arrange to have the product transferred to your departing terminal, provided that the brand offers this service and has a shop in your departure terminal so you can make the payment. Some brands offer a telephone payment service, in which case they can accept pre-payment and we can meet you with your purchase. Please enquire about this with our Shopping Services team.

  • Some brands will transfer products from high street stores to their airport store to enable you to make the purchase at the Heathrow price. Please enquire about this  with our Shopping Services team.

Terminal Transfer Questions

Heathrow Shopping Questions

General Questions

  • All returns are arranged through Heathrow Promise. We advise that a keep hold of your reciept and contact the retailer directly.

  • Boots have a 72 hour reservation policy for all orders. Orders need to be made prior to 72 hours before your departure time to allow for adequate stock to arranged, unfortunately we are unable to process orders that are received after this time.

    Boots have a selection of baby milk and food available in store to purchase. You are also to carry powdered milk through security without any problems.

    If you are travelling to the US restrictions are in place for passengers carrying powders of over 350ml (drinks can size) or 350g. These items are prohibited from carriage in the cabin. Medical powders such as medicines, baby powders and human ashes are still permitted but subject to further checks. Passengers are asked to make sure items are carried in original packaging where possible with the seals intact and where appropriate proof of authenticity such as a prescription.

    Powders purchased in duty free may be carried provided they are packaged in a security tamper evident bag (STEB) inside of which is a receipt proving the item has been purchased airside at an airport.

    For further information and specific details please contact your airline.